SELA Orleans


Following Hurricane Katrina, the Federal government acknowledged that the interior drainage of Orleans Parish by its many canals and pump stations is an integral part of the Federal hurricane and storm protection system for Orleans Parish.

To this end, additional funding in the amount of $ 224.8 million has been appropriated by Congress for the completion of authorized SELA projects in Public Law 109-148, the Flood Control & Coastal Emergency (FC&CE) 3rd Supplemental Appropriations Act. The SELA projects completed with this funding will be at 100% Federal expense. It is anticipated that over $100 million of this funding will be used to complete the SELA Orleans projects of Dwyer Road Drainage Pump Station, Dwyer Road Intake Canal, and Florida Avenue Canal Phase I.

Because of increased construction cost in the area post Katrina, the SELA program required even more funding to construct the balance of the SELA projects. Congress therefore appropriated in 2008 an additional $1.3 billion in Public Law 110-252 and Public Law 110-329, the 6th and 7th Supplemental Appropriations. A new Project Partnership Agreement was executed in January 2009 which provides that 65% of the total project cost will be Federal, and 35% will be S&WB. Also, the agreement allows for the S&WB to pay its share over a 30 year period. It is anticipated that over $800 million of this money will be utilized to complete SELA Orleans projects.